A Surprise Package

My story is nothing but AMAZING... in my opinion.

I sent an email to my sister with an image attached of inspirational key necklaces thinking, "what a great idea, I want one!" and thought she'd be able to make one. (This was before I knew about The Giving Keys!) She asked why I'd sent her that message and told me that she had just gotten one in the mail. We were shocked, and I was so excited! Yet, more excited and overwhelmed when I received my package in the mail.  

My aunt had sent them to all of us, very personalized. Mine read "faith." I have to admit I was VERY emotional, and couldn't even put it on right away.

I immediately handed it to my son who needs it so much in his current situation. A situation where I am glad I get to wake up and see him everyday. One that God has to help him with! Praying for him, all involved, and for me.  FAITH 

My key is so special, and I can think of a dozen people to pass it on to, but of course, my son, my baby needs it now. I am strong in my faith, and I knew I was giving it to the right person. It came to me for that reason.

Then I read about The Giving Keys, sobbing with joy at what an amazing concept. It started with my aunt, who thought of us with love, and continued by being able to give it away. The never ending inspiration coupled with paying it forward... That truly is helping people help themselves! WOW, is all I can say.

Thank you for what this has done for my FAITH and more importantly my HOPE.

Thank you for changing the world one person at a time!