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Just Keep Fighting

During December 2013 I was in a really bad place; I come from a fairly neglectful family and I was also getting hateful messages sent anonymously to me online. That's when I first started cutting. But there was this guy I sort of knew and one day mid-January I walked into school and he came up to me and he gave me a key with the word "Fight" on it and I thanked him and ran straight to the bathroom and cried my eyes out because it was the first bit of encouragement I'd received since I'd become depressed. I wore that key every single day for 2 months and I actually got involved in a relationship with the guy who gave it to me. Every morning I'd wear the key and it would inspire me to fight through everything that was bringing me down--and it worked. When I wasn't wearing it, I actually kept it where I hid my blades, and whenever I felt really bad, I'd see it and it sort of reminded me that I was stronger and it'd help me calm down. At the beginning of April, I threw my blades away and I passed the key off to someone that I knew needed it more than I did. Even now, "Fight" has sort of become my mantra whenever I'm feeling down. And all because somebody reached out to me with a key on a chain...

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