Where I Am Now

I realized that I should probably write my story down, since this is by far one of the most loving gifts I’ve ever received. I was given the "love" key by my younger sister Malley. She may be a few years younger than me, but she is wise even beyond my years.

This is not your typical love story about a girl and a boy. This is a love story about a little girl trying to make it in the world, and without love...I would not be the strong, educated and driven woman I am striving to become.

It initially took two beautiful people to believe in me, and from there I somehow managed to convince many others that I will become something someday, and all it took was love. It may seem cliché, but without the love of countless people I wouldn't be where I am at this very moment…in love.

I have been so lucky to be around people my entire life who truly love each other. I got to witness the greatest love, that of my two parents. The second greatest love, that of a soul mate for a sister. And now witnessing the third greatest love, that of my partner in crime and second best man I’ve ever know.

Some people may read this and think,

“If she's so loved why does she need a "giving key"

Let me tell you, I needed a reminder of that same love that has built me into the woman I am. Life sure can kick a girl when she's down, and in an instant she forgets the love that is surrounding her everyday. With the troubles of bills, work stresses and overall exhaustion, it's so hard to remember love. It seems like such a blatantly obvious thing to remember but it truly can surpass your mind when the daily troubles of life start to take over.

So that is what brings me to my receiving of the key. My sister had seen what a toll life had been taking on me and gave me the key 'love' as a reminder of where I have come from, where I am now and where I will be going.

Thank you Malley, for being my rock, my role model and my favorite love.


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