Courage To Take On Life

"Helen," I gave you a key with the word "courage" on it. I wish I could explain everything to you that I wanted but I'd be typing for days. I hope we stay in touch Helen. You have given me the courage to be selfish and in the long run I will be much happier for it. The car ride we took literally changed my life forever and I am so eternally thankful for it. I hope that in some way I have changed your life in a positive way. Please keep in touch... you are one friend I'd really hate to lose. If it is possible I'd love to visit you if the opportunity ever presents itself.

I hope this key serves as a gesture for you to have courage in the coming 10 months. What you are doing is something most people can't do... and you are grabbing it by the horns. It's remarkable. I really don't know how to type you this Helen.... I am over here driving boats with my sighs that you are gone. There are several things I'd love to tell you but I am finding myself unable to do so (I'm sure they probably don't need to be said anyway).

I hope you are happy Dev... I mean Helen. Please stay in touch with me... text ol' "tortuga" whenever you read this :P

Take care and please let me know if there is anything I can ever do for you. Day or night, rain or shine, whatever or whatever. If you need someone to talk to I'm pretty much available always. I regret not being able to tell you my story about the dumpster (assuming you don't go to lunch today... which I'm not entirely optimistic about). Maybe some day I'll have that chance to tell you.

I'll be anticipating to here from you DHB. Have a great day!
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