You Can Do It

My best friend and soul mate for the past 10 years! We have both been through a lot, (her divorces, moving and bad boyfriends, my countless jobs, the loss of my mother-in law and taking care of my sick mother) and just a year after the most important person to her (her grandmother) died, my mother died of cancer at the age of 52. I was in shambles and devastated. I was living in South Carolina, and she was living in Utah- which tore both of our hearts out not to be able to hug each other. She was the person I called for strength and courage so that I could hold my mothers hand and watch her take her last breath. She told me "You can do it. You know there is no where else you would rather be- and it is time to let her go". We send each other presents all the time for no reason- and just a few months ago, she sent me the best present ever! HERSELF! She is now living about 3 hours from me! I went to see her a few weekends ago and she gave me my birthday present- which included my key that says "Courage". I know now that if I would not of seen my mother take her last breath, I would never be able to live with myself- but in my time of fear and need, my Jo gave me the courage to do what no one ever wants to do. I love her and hope one day I can make the same impact on a persons life- when I hand over my key :)