Courage To Step Out Of The Box

I received my "courage" key in my MOPS packet a few weeks ago and at the time I thought briefly about who I should pass it along to but no one came to mind. I placed in on my living room end table where it has sat for weeks, surprisingly undisturbed by the little hands of my 3 children. Tonight I was looking through old pictures for a "flipagram" trying to fit 5 years of friendship into a 30 second slideshow. When I moved from Dallas to Houston 5 years ago I was a new stay at home mom and knew no one. I forced myself out of my little box with hopes of finding playmates for my son but I had no idea how much I too would need play mates. God lead us to Krystle and her daughter Ella who was just a few months older than my son Chase. We were all instant friends. Over the past 5 years we've shared parenting tips, fashion advice, recipes, attending birthday parties and even weekends away with our families. Tomorrow we will meet for a play date, most likely our final play date....Krystle, her husbands and the kids will pack up the next Tuesday and move to Ohio. I know we'll be friends forever but I'm selfishly wishing they would change their minds, not take the new job and just stay here in Texas so our kids could continue to be best friends and someday get married as we've always planned. My life will be the same but Krystle needs courage. Courage to step out of her box as she moves to a new state where she knows no one and look for new friends. So tomorrow I'll hand her my key and pray that God blesses the path they have chosen.