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Gives Me Courage

My dear friend was in a serious car accident with her two young sons just over a week ago. The accident left her oldest son with a broken ankle, and both her and her youngest unconscious and badly hurt. This accident has hit our small community very hard. They both are in stable condition at this point, but are in need of lots of prayers. I was talking with some friends last night about what we can do to help lift our dear friend up, and the idea of having symbols of keys came up. It was like a light bulb lit up above my head.......I had my Courage Key on my key chain. Courage: the state or quality of mind or spirit that enables one to face danger, fear, or pain with self-possession, confidence, and bravery. How perfect is that! My friend needs to have the courage to face her fear and pain, of the recovery of her entire family, with confidence and bravery! I didn't think that I'd only have the key for a couple of months before finding the person who needs it more than I do. But knowing that my sweet friend has it gives me more courage to face my fear and pain of the sadness in my heart as she lays in the hospital fighting for her life!

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