Everything Will Turn Out Just Fine

My key reads BREATHE. I was instantly drawn to the simplicity of it. Our breath fuels our life force. Without breath, we cease to exist. I am currently in the midst of a major life transition. I have been dancing professionally for the last 5 years, and recently left ballet due to a traumatic circumstance that left me feeling wounded and lost. With my disappearing passion for dance, so disappeared my passion for life. I lost my sense of self worth entirely, and had no idea how to handle it. I ended up transitioning into a yoga teacher training program, where I found a new passion through yoga. The harmony of breath with movement calmed my anxious heart, and brought peace to my wandering mind. This key represents my need to continue to breathe, and let my path unfold. It is through attention to breath that I regained my balance amidst my emotional hurricane. I still don't know what exact career path I want to take, which can cause insecurity. When I feel overwhelmed, I know my key will be here to remind me to stop and take a deep breath. Everything will turn out just fine.