Continue To Tell The Story

I started following your instagram account a while ago and knew i needed a necklace to help me get through my junior year of High School! So a couple weeks later i ordered a key that said "BREATHE' i wore it everyday. More and more people started to ask me "is that your house key?" i said "no its a 'Giving Key'" then proceeded to tell the back story of the key/company!

This weekend I came on a trip with my mom for her friends' wedding. We were hiking and the bride to be was talking about the struggles she was having with stressing about the wedding and her soon to be step kids and their mom. And right then is when I realized that this key was made for her. I am giving it to her today and hopefully she will find it as inspiring as I did!

Hopefully my mom will buy me another key when we get home so I can continue to tell the story and give the key away to someone who needs it more than I ever will! :)