The Honor Of Giving

A few months ago I went to see John Mark McMillan & Brady Toops play a show in my hometown, Pensacola. As I'm checking out the merchandise I notice that Brady was selling some of the giving keys. I've always wanted one, but the timing was never right. Him & I talked for a moment, & I finally chose the appropriate word for which I needed to be reminded of. That word being MERCY. I've had a rough past involving a great amount of depression & anxiety, in which lead me to alcohol. After many years of allowing alcohol to rule my life...May of 2013 I got a DUI. The past year has been a battle of me moving past this addiction along with fighting off the guilt & shame it left me with. I chose the mercy key, because it constantly reminded me of God's mercy over my life. That no matter what I've done or will do, He will forever give me mercy. For that I am forever thankful. I've been wanting to give my key away, however, I wanted to make sure the timing was just right & that it went to someone that needed to be reminded of mercy just as much as I did at the time I bought the necklace. Yesterday, the opportunity arose & I had the honor of giving it to my best friend. My best friend is going through a very rough time right now, and I prayed over the key before giving it to him in faith that it would give him peace with the battle he is facing. He was so taken back and was beyond thrilled. I will never forget the look in his eyes, nor the long squeezing hug we shared, and the thankfulness in his voice. I'm in love with the stories & the great meanings behind each & every key. The simple things in life can make such a huge impact on someone else's life! Now it's time for me to get a new key, can't wait to pick one out :) thanks for reading!