Endures All Things

I cheated when I purchased my giving key back in May: I already knew who I wanted to give it to even before I bought it.
So, when I purchased my key, I had every intention to wear it all summer, pray over it and the boy I planned on giving it to, and then at the conclusion of the summer give it to him. But like every master plan of mine, it fell through. I became selfish and did not want to give up the key to someone I didn't think was worthy of it and wouldn't understand the full meaning behind it all. However, the funny thing about God is that He can work through our selfishness, and that's what He did.
My key was double sided with the words Agape and Surrender on either side. Wearing it allowed me to present the gospel in such easy ways because most people don't know what Agape means, or they would pronounce it a-gape (Agape is the Greek word for unconditional love. It is the love that God has for us, and in turn, we, as Christians, should have for others. See? So easy to share the gospel with!) Well, I chose the words for the specific person in mind, but it turned out God taught me so much through two simple words. First, He taught me that even if I surrender to Him, I need to be joyful over what His will for my life is and obey it. Second, Agape taught me that I should love without condition. And what is love but a person continuing to give themselves to and for others and never forsaking them in spite of response. I learned that love has to let go and not expect for others to love in return. There is so much more I wish to share but here is the most important part about the story:
I finally swallowed my selfishness and gave the key to the boy I had been praying for all summer. Little did I know of how lonely he had been feeling and distant from God. And with the help of the giving key, I was able to spell out the love of God for this young man. When I was finished telling him this, he was tearing up. I promised to pray for him every day, and I do just like I promised. So many people need prayer in this world for the salvation of their souls. I was told so many times to give up on this young man (hence why I didn't want to give the key in the first place), but sometimes we Christians forget to fight relentlessly for souls. We don't have to change or save the entire world in one sweep, but if we focus on one person, one soul, one eternity at a time, the world will change as a result. Love above else because it bears all things, hopes all things, believes all things, and endures all things.
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