Being Grateful and Never Giving Up

This year, I have been volunteering at BeLoved Atlanta, a non-profit that believes that God created all people equal and that all people have value. We specialize in helping women get out of sexual exploitation (which is why I can't include names or pictures in the post).

God placed an amazing opportunity in my life and so I bought myself a key that said GRATEFUL to remind me to be grateful for the provisions in my life. And so I wore the key for awhile. Over the months, I have gotten close to one of the residents of our program in particular. Recently, around her 10 month sobriety date, she was able to reunite with her 5 year old daughter whom she hadn't seen since she was less than a week old. On top of that, she got a job that will allow her to start saving away money for when she is on her own and out of the BeLoved program. I gave her my GRATEFUL key because of her gratitude for what her life looks like now compared to what it was just a year ago. She likes to say, "God has taken me this far. He won't give up on me now."