Optimism, Courage, and Making a Difference

I'm a Texas girl at heart, currently living in the North.

Having just moved out of state and being a new mom, I joined a MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group to get out of the house, make some friends, and hear similar baby stories that would validate I'm not completely insane, just slightly. After the first meeting, I received this key in the mail and well, here we go...

I instantly knew who would be receiving this key from me. I have only had it a little over a week, and probably would have given it away sooner, except I procrastinate. Today, I am determined to get a few things on my "to do list" done, starting with this.

About eight years ago, I started a career with a contractor at NASA Johnson Space Center. I met Meghan and we were instant friends. She is seemingly sane but she IS friends with me, so she has got to be just a little bit crazy. Meghan called me shortly after my family moved out of state. We text and use social media but long phone conversations happen about as often as long walks on the beach. Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised she called me, until she began talking. Megan learned she had cancer. I am pretty sure I asked her to repeat herself. I mean what!? She is so young, she is my age! What? I can't tell you what we said because it was fuzzy, I actually thought about this when we hung up and couldn't form a thought. I had hoped I said the right things and not all the wrong ones. When my husband saw the look of dread on my face and asked what was wrong, I just cried. 

Of course I thought the worst, then I pulled it together, she's got this! She will be okay. Things like this don't happen to people like her, at least they shouldn't. Meghan is one of the most positive people I know, on a daily basis. She is no saint, but she is absolutely lovely and the kind of friend a gal would want to have. Even during this most difficult, scary time, she stays optimistic. Her daily blog posts take me with her on this bumpy journey and are truly an inspiration.

Meghan has taught me, that even facing life's toughest obstacles, you can see the beauty in each and every single day. Meghan finds the silver lining in everything and shares it. In turn, she makes me strive to do the same. She definitely encourages a pay it forward mentality. Meghan is strong, smart, brave, and beautiful and I am lucky to call her my friend.
I am giving my key to Meghan because she embodies COURAGE. She is changing the world with her upbeat perspective on life. I hope this key is a visual reminder of her courage as she continues her journey. Check out her blog: gettingthewordswrong.com.



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