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My Sister, My Rock

When I was given the COURAGE key, I immediately someone came to mind far more courageous than I could ever be, my sister Paula. Wednesday the 12th of November, she had a mammogram and the doctors found a mass on her breast. She will go in on Monday for an ultrasound to determine more thoroughly what it is. She has always gotten by with her faith in the Lord, and she stands firmly on those beliefs. When all could be falling apart, once again she turns to her faith for guidance. She has truly been someone I have looked up to my whole life. She probably would hate me saying that and would never feel worthy enough because that's just who she is... never selfish, always giving. She has a light around her wherever she goes. God has blessed her with a beautiful singing voice that she shares with others. I call her my Angel. So Paula whatever the outcome of your trial, you truly are a blessing. Ain't no mountain high enough, ain't no valley low enough to where God can't deliver. I love you sister!



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