Seeing the Strength Within

Tonight I gave my STRENGTH key away to a friend who is currently going through a separation from her husband - the man she's spent the last twenty years with. For as long as I've known her, she's been strong. To say her life has been rough would be putting it lightly. She's been through a lot and always puts other people first. She decided to make a change and focus on what she needs for the first time. It certainly hasn't been easy for her. I gave her the STRENGTH key to remind her that, not only is she a strong person, but that she has the strength within her to do what she needs to do, even when she feels weakest.

Never did I think that giving this key away would make such an impact. To me, it was a small gesture. It made me feel good to pass it on to someone who needed it more. To her, it meant so much more. She thanked me so many times. She hugged me. She sent follow-up texts thanking me more and telling me how much it means to her. She cried happy tears. This "small" gesture had such a giant effect. I'm going to buy my next key tomorrow.