A Reminder of the Strength Within

I was given the STRENGTH key from a friend of mine on my birthday last year. She knew at the time how much I needed to find strength from within. I put the key on my rear view mirror because I spent most of my time in my car commuting. It was a daily reminder to stay strong even through the toughest times. That key got me through a lot. It brought me the strength I needed while dealing with the death of a good friend, a very bad break up, and the stressful work weeks. I had it hanging there for a while until I realized there was another person who needed this daily reminder to be strong more than I did.

My best friend Julia had a lot on her plate and one day while we were sitting in my car she exploded in tears and had a panic attack. Her boyfriend just broke up with her, her car broke down and was going to cost thousands to fix, and she was on the verge of losing her job. As she sat there in my passenger seat crying, I grabbed my STRENGTH key from the rear view mirror and wrapped it around her hand. I told her that although the key can not actually give her strength, it could remind her of the strength she already held. She took it and the next morning told me she was wearing it, and it had helped her. I was glad to be able to share this with my friend and I hope it helps her remember her strength just as much as it did for me.