Strength In Tragedy

The word I chose was " Strength." About two months ago on October 4th 2014 I lost my closest cousin Montana. She was on her way home with a couple friends and her boyfriend. They were on some back roads made of dirt and none of them had their seatbelts on. Tana was singing a song from the musical she was going to be in and was singing a part that said, "and you, and you, and you" as she pointed to each passenger.. she started to go off the road when her friend and her boyfriend both grabbed the wheel... Her boyfriend pulled a little too hard on it and sent the truck rolling. One friend was ejected out of the car and Tana was hanging out the window when it landed. I had called my grandma earlier that day to tell her how school was going. She was crying telling me Tana had been in a wreck. I just thought it was a fender bender until Tana's sister Sydney called me crying saying they weren't sure if she was dead or not. My heart quickly dropped.. As I began praying to God for her to be okay I got another call from my mom saying they were airlifting her.. All night I tried to hang out with friends to keep my mind off of it, saying small prayers every 5 minutes... at about 11:01 on Saturday night I got a call from my mom.... I knew what was coming but didn't want to believe what I was about to be told. In a small shaky voice she told me that Tana had passed away... I fell to my knees in shock, anger, confusion.. I didn't know why this had happened all I could do was pray. God was so near to me in the time of loss. I went to her funeral the next week.. I had to be a pallbearer, I never imagined I would be taking my 15 year old cousin who I adored out of a church in a casket... That's another thing she was only 15... Many sleepless and heart wrenching nights went on. and all thanks to God. He never once left me. He had a plan and I was never angry at him for the situation but turned to him in a time of need for peace. Bethel was doing a worship night here at new life one night and the giving keys where there selling some I saw it and quickly walked over to see what it was about. After hearing what they were I immediately thought of Tana and I bought one with the word "Strength." Before I could even thing of someone to give it too I thought of my aunt Renee who is Tana's mom. I knew I still needed strength so I bought her a bracelet with a key that also said "Strength." At thanksgiving this past week me and her took a trip to the cemetery to visit my precious cousin. As we cried I pulled out the bracelet and gave it to her, telling her the meaning behind it. She loved it and said, "I'll wear it forever." Life doesn't get easier after the loss of a very, very, VERY close cousin who was more like a sister, you learn to live with it. God is the ultimate reason that we are here and never once have we walked alone in this situation. Although it's a terrible tragedy that I never saw hitting my family, I thank God for the 15 years she was in my life and all the wonderful memories we shared. This Key represents Gods promise to give us strength to me and that I will always hold dear.