During The Hardest Days

A true steel magnolia, that is what my sweet friend Kim is.

I wanted to pass my MOPS courage key to her, so she remembers as God changes her plans constantly and seems to put bumps in her road just as soon as she figures out how to recover from the last one, that she has the strength to stay on course. She is the glue for her family and it is her strength that keeps all those cogs and wheels turning so smoothly. Her father and mother are elderly and it falls mostly to her when they have issues and needs. She is newly pregnant and adjusting to the sluggish baby takes all my energy days. She will also be adjusting to not having much help with a newborn for those important date nights with hubby, being able to get your hair done without figuring out who is watching the little one as not too many can afford a babysitter and a haircut! I wish I could be there for her.

I wanted her to know I believe she has the courage even during the hardest days.

Hugs from across the miles,