When Times Get Tough

As soon as i heard about the TGK I couldn't wait to order my first one. I'm a big believer of things happen for a reason, and signs exist!

When trying to decide my first key, I debated on "Faith" and "Let Go". Selfishly I looked into what I could get out of it first, but all the while knowing it would one day be passed on to someone who needed it more. Honestly, I couldn't wait for that day. I ordered my first key with "Let Go" engraved on it. A personal little reminder that when you let go of things in the past, you can move on and better yourself. A couple weeks later I was going out for the day with my mom, and she broke down. Her friend since she was younger has been going through a really rough time the past year or so. Her and her husband were getting a divorce, and he decided he wanted no part of being involved with their adopted children (their only children).

She had been going through really tough times and when I say she is the sweetest lady with the best heart, I mean that with everything i have inside of me. Anyways, my mom, being one of my best friends, shares everything with me, as do I with her. She told me how things just kept getting worse for her friend because her oldest daughter had recently tried to commit suicide. Her little sister was the one to find her and call for help. My heart instantly broke. Not only because I couldn't imagine feeling that low that you think death is better than living, but because i could see/hear in my moms whimpers that as a mom - there is no worse feeling. I could see the pain on my moms face as she felt for her friend. My mom is lucky enough to still be married to her husband of 25 years, and has 2 children, and a dog, and the white picket fence and that whole shebang. And here is her friend who deserves the same, if not more, and her world is shattering around her.

I happened to be wearing my "Let Go" necklace that day. I started to tell my mom about it and how I thought I would get her friends daughter the one with faith on it. I went home and ordered it that night. I ordered it, it came a couple days later and i wrote a letter to the mom, and her two daughters. It was a little gesture, but it meant a lot to me to give her that key.

I got her the faith key because I wanted her to always have faith that things would get better. Whatever demons she was fighting, know that there are other people fighting similar ones. I could never pretend to feel how she feels, or know what she was going through but that doesn't mean I don't respect it. Everyone is different, just like these keys. We all go through things and fight demons that someone else might not understand. Whatever happened in her past that made her feel certain ways now, is going to go away. That feeling of not being good enough is going to fade. She has to have faith to carry on and make her life better. Have faith that when you put everything into feeling better and healthier and happier, it will get better.

I know she wears that key everyday and I can only hope she reminds herself of the meaning when times get tough.
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