Do What It Takes To Love Others Unconditionally.

My son, Connor, is a freshman in college this year. As the Christmas Holiday break approached, he let us know that he had been accepted to do the "Seattle Plunge" after finals before coming home for break.

"What is the Seattle Plunge," I asked. He explained that he and group of 2 other people would be living homeless on the streets of Seattle for 5 days/4 nights. The university arranged for them to sleep at a church in sleeping bags, but they had to get their food from the places available for the homeless. (The university reimburses the programs for the food they provide to any of the Seattle Plunge participants.)

Wow! You are going to live homeless in Seattle in December for 5 days??!! The mother in me felt very concerned. He explained to me that this was an opportunity to understand people at a new level.

He is majoring in Theology and plans to become a youth pastor. He has a real gift to connect with people. He recognizes each person as someone unique - to be loved and honored for who they are. I knew he was going to learn so much by taking the plunge, I trusted and pushed my concerns away.

I had a business trip that brought me to Southern California during the time of his plunge. He had been living on the streets for 3 days when I spotted the Courage key in a little gift shop. When I read the mission of The Giving Keys and their work with people transitioning out of homeless, I bought it right on the spot.

Courage for both of us to make it through the rest of his Plunge! AND I am giving him the key this Christmas - for Courage to continue to follow his dreams and to do what it takes to love others unconditionally.

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