I Was Moved To Take Off My Necklace

A friend was wearing her giving key to a picnic. It had the word "peace" written on it. I remarked how much I loved it. After talking a while, we were sharing our stories and what God was doing. When she listened closely to our housing struggle, she took it off and handed it to me. It moved me so deeply as I wore it over the next year and a half and had peace to know that God had not forgotten nor was He unaware of our needs. This year we were able to finally purchase a home, and so incredibly grateful. Just yesterday I was talking with a friend going through a really tough decision regarding her firstborn. She said how anxious and worried she was, yet trying to listen to the Lord and trust His direction. As she left to go, I was moved to take off my necklace and give it to her. I told her to be reminded that God is a God of peace and not confusion, and He will lead!