Essence Of Courage

I am the group leader for our local MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group. Each of us in the group received Courage keys to give as part of the "Be You Bravely" theme. It was not hard for me to decide who my key needed to go to. One of the moms in our group, also a close friend, is the essence of courage in her daily life. Mom to a three year old boy with Craniosynostosis, she has gone through 4 skull surgeries, witnessed countless seizures and cried countless tears and lost many nights in concern for her little guy. And yet, she has turned that fear, worry, and helplessness into a mission to help other children by running events each year in honor of her son, for 7+ hours each event to raise awareness and help others. In addition, she has embraced a charity that gives back to moms of children with medical problems by providing running shoes for free. Each day, she wakes up and braves the elements to run. Despite all the emotional baggage from her own personal childhood that would bring the average woman to her knees, and the daily concern and extra energy involved in caring for her son, she goes on. Only her dearest of friends ever see her break, and even then we are all amazed.

On the day I presented Kathy with her Courage key, she was on her way to run 100 miles, and doing so as a billboard for her son and the Craniosynostosis cause. Nothing says courage more to me than willing to run nearly 30 hours, non-stop, all in the name of helping others and supporting your child. Kathy is