Trusted Him Enough To Tell Him My Own Story

I heard about the Giving Keys through one of my favorite artists. His nephew was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis at one year old, and one of his fans had sent him a key for his sister saying "BREATHE." For the past few months I have been hesitant about getting a key, but tonight I had no doubts that I can change the life of someone close to me.
Last night, I was texting one of my friends, and he briefly mentioned that he needed someone to talk to. Had I not known him as well, it would've gone past unnoticed. But I did, and I asked what he needed to talk about. He held back, and I trusted him enough to tell him my own story. I knew it was something big that was bothering him because he's an old soul, and for him to even mention it, there had to be something seriously wrong.
The past few months have been really rough for me. I struggled with body image, and began to question my personality. With that, I fell into a hole, and my grades slipped. I contemplated suicide. I had just gotten out of that, and my wounds were fresh. I was going to lie to him and tell him that I just had a few friend problems, but I opened up and told him everything. So in depth that I was shaking as I sent the text. He was hesitant to tell me what's wrong, and I was hoping to send him my story and tell him that whatever it is, he isn't alone. Not one bit. And yet I was expecting the worst from him.
He replied to me and told me that I was strong, and how glad he was that I am here today to talk to him and feel so comfortable with him to tell. Then he told me what was wrong, and it was far from what I thought.
He told me he was born with Autism, and it sort of clicked somewhere in my brain. He had always tell me that our vocational school was hesitant to accept him because he was "weird." I immediately embraced him and told him how my cousin is Autistic, and how I knew from the moment I met him and he had something special. And not like that. He has a great heart, and he inspires me everyday.
I have always secretly wanted to be a teacher, and I have recently adopted a "cheer on, don't tear down attitude." Hopefully this key will remind me to do this everyday, and help me get rid of my destructive personality. When my friend graduates, I'm going to give him my key, with a message of hope. He had the courage and confidence to overcome such a disability, and now he has a story to INSPIRE others in the ways that he has inspired me
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