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Unconditional Love

Last year, I almost gave up on loving people. I loved people so deeply, that I exhausted myself. I gave so much and was given nothing in return. I wanted to love people, and I did, but I kept getting hurt.
I came to the place where I told God, "I want to love people, but they don't receive or reciprocate it. I am tired, I am hurt, and I am done with love. Love isn't supposed to hurt."

God responded with this: " You keep getting hurt because of the expectations you've put on others. They are human like you. They cannot meet expectations, and love with expectation is CONDITIONAL. Christ-like love is UNCONDITIONAL. Let me be your source of love, I will NEVER run out of love for you. And as I pour love into you, you can go and love others freely as your heart desires because your source for love is endless, eternal, and unconditional. Let me be your source and go love freely. I created you to love big."

I got the word "LOVE" on my key to remind me of who my source is, and that I was created to love. Now I am free to love others as much as my heart desires.

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