Stronger Than She Thinks

An organization I belong to is promoting "Courage" this year and partnered with The Giving Keys to give each member a courage key. I've had mine for several months and have been meditating on confronting my fears...learning daily to disarm my worries with truth. I've experienced new and abiding peace. I feel alive, not paralyzed by things I can't control. A dear friend of mine, who shares many of the same chronic worries and fears as me, is moving to the Philippines with her husband and two children next week. They will be working with a team to build a multi-purpose community center in an area devastated by the typhoon so locals can gather and be restored. Though the journey ahead is full of excitement, hope and rewarding service, fear of the unknown creeps in for her. "What will I do if my kids get sick? How will I cope without the presence of family and friends? What if I feel so overwhelmed I panic and fall completely apart?" These questions and more have crossed her mind in the past months and weeks of packing and preparation. Tonight close girl-friends are gathering to pray over her and send her off. I will give her my courage key as a constant reminder that she is stronger than she thinks, and in addition to that she has the love and prayers of all of us here who are only an email or phone call away and the unmatchable strength and presence of God, always.