I Didn't Have A Lot Of Time To Listen

"GRATEFUL"...I bought this key in a boutique in Lake Geneva, WI fully intending to wear it until my daughter's birthday. She will be turning "17" in March, and I am eternally grateful for her in my life. I thought to myself..."She will really love this idea of the giving keys". After about two weeks, she notices the key and asks if its a "giving key". I told her, "Yes". She said, "That's cool! Who are you going to give it to?" At that moment, I told her I was unsure. A couple of weeks after that I saw my friend who was in the computer lab almost in tears over drama at work. I didn't have a lot of time to listen to her story that day but was familiar with the frustration she was experiencing at work. It was AT THAT MOMENT...I knew the key had to go to her. She is sooooo wonderful! She always remembers my birthday. She makes homemade soup and brings it over when I am sick. Since I'm not techo saavy...she drops everything to help me out at work. She invited me to the Renaissance Faire to spend the day with her. The following year she took my kids as well. She is bold. She is fair. She is lovable and kind. She sticks up for what she believes in no matter the cost. Her life hasn't been easy...losing her husband to cancer...not seeing her kids as much as she would like to. She is a ray of SUNSHINE at work...love her smile and helpfulness. Since I do not always express my thankfulness to her, I wanted her to know what she has meant to me!! I am GRATEFUL for LORRAINE HORSELY in my life.