I'm the oldest of three girls, I adore both of my sisters and as a gift I gave my middle sister a brand new giving key for her to pass on when she was ready, I told her that it would probably scare the pants off of her when she went to give it away but it was part of the process and I knew that she could do it. I have my own key, mine says Breathe. There were a few times where I thought that I should give it away but it never quite felt right. At least not until this morning. My younger sister and I live together, she's a senior in high school and has struggled with ADHD and dyslexia. Only we didn't find out until the end of her 10th grade year. She had pretty poor grades during her 10th grade year and now as she's applying for colleges it's really stressing her out. Which is why I wrote her a letter and popped my key inside. She came to my work to pick it up and within the first line of the letter we were both choking back tears. She didn't finish the letter here, and I'm not going to pressure her to, when she finishes it she finishes it. When she wears that key I hope that she grips it as hard as I've had to and remembers to breathe.