Three Amazing Women

I purchased three keys for three amazing women. The first, Shirley, received the inspire key. Shirley is like my second mom and is going through a tough battle with cancer. She is an inspiration to me and to many other people. She is a strong woman who has been a great role model for me as well as many others. She is a great person, a wonderful mother and grandmother, and also has such great faith in the Lord. I know she is going to get through this road block and come out even stronger.
Second, Kodi (Shirley's daughter) received fearless. She has to make so many decisions throughout this process and I wanted her to do this with no fear. I want her to believe that she is making the right decisions for her family without any doubt. Everything is going to work out! :)
Last, Kylee (Shirley's other daughter, my BFF) received courage. Kylee lives farther away from her family and I know struggles with not always being there. I wanted to give her strength and courage to get through the tough times without having family close by. She is an amazing woman and mother and is always there for others. I want her to know that I will always be there for her as well!
These three woman are the most amazing women I know and I love them!!