She Knows She Has To Go On

Recently I have had a lot of tragedy in my own life and have had to find the courage to go on. From a house fire that took everything from my husband and me, to my husband's diagnosis with cancer shortly after, and then after his two year struggle with cancer I ultimately lost him to a stroke. Soon after, I lost my job. When I discovered the giving keys, I purchased the one that says COURAGE. It holds a very special meaning for me as I am still trying to find my way and my key just helps remind me to have the courage to keep going. I have a sister who was forced to be a single parent to two girls who have since grown up in a Christian home with her. The older daughter, and mother of two small children, was killed in an auto accident hit head on by a semi truck. My sister is now having to raise her children at the age of almost 60. She has been having such a difficult time with depression since her daughter's death and being able to face each day. She knows she has to go on for the sake of her two grandchildren, but it is very difficult. Because my key helps me to have the courage to keep going, I decided to give it to her in hopes it would give her the same courage to keep going and find her way. She was so touched and cried because she thought the Giving Keys are such a wonderful thing for people like us. She now wears it proudly and is passing the story of the Giving Keys on to others as well. Thank you for such a wonderful thing to help so many people!