Baby Lucas

I will give my niece Melissa a Giving Key Inspire bracelet tomorrow when I go to meet her son, Lucas. Melissa is a beautiful, caring, sweet girl who I watched become a beautiful woman and now a new mother to a beautiful little boy, Lucas Michael, who was born 3 months earlier than expected. Her mother, Denise, my best friend, was on vacation at the time. Melissa who is extremely close to her mother went into premature labor and delivered Lucas without her mom, who was to be at her side, at a hospital that was not equipped to handle such a delicate premature baby. Melissa's baby, Lucas was taken to another hospital. Without her mother by her side she delivered Lucas and went on to spend countless hours with her beautiful Lucas. Melissa went to her well planned in advance baby shower while Lucas remained in the NICU. Melissa put on a happy face and was so grateful to everyone for coming even though her heart was with Lucas. Melissa is a true inspiration. Lucas is now home with Melissa, her husband and proud father Steve, her mother Denise and her father Mike. Lucas still has away to go, so please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. Melissa is such an inspiration to me and to all mother's who put on a happy face while their child is fighting to overcome the odds. I am so proud and fortunate to have Melissa, her beautiful sisters and my best friend Denise in my life. I know her story will inspire all mom's who face the unexpected.