Chosen Ones

I love The Giving Keys and what they stand for. I am on my fourth key now but this is about my second key. When I got this key, I wanted it to remind me of my purpose. I decided to get the word CHOSEN. This key was probably my favorite to wear and I actually miss it... But the time came when I knew it was time to share the purpose of this key with a friend of mine. After a very difficult season with a church affiliated organization, my friend became depressed. He stopped attending any church services because of the hurt that he felt from a decision that was made against him. I had previously felt the same pain from a church so I knew what he was feeling. I knew that he needed to know, that the people we put the most trust in are not perfect. No one is, but we all are CHOSEN for a purpose and no matter what comes are way, we can still fulfill it. We will get hurt by imperfect people in this imperfect world but that doesn't take away from who we are, the fact that we are chosen. -Jordan