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I received my first Giving Key from a friend who knew I was finding it hard with relocating states for work. I was leaving friends and a home I had grown to love. "Strength" was the word I chose because "I can do all things through Him who strengthens me" Philippians 4:13. I had prayed so hard to know if moving was God's Will....and I had come to know it in my heart, but putting it into practice was sooo tough! Every time I wore my giving key, it reminded me of why I was moving - Christ was the only reason! It was a source of comfort for me....this key....but then I realized I no longer needed the message on it so much any more. Then, through my new job, I met a wonderful colleague about 6 months ago! She is such a kind-hearted, beautiful woman. And recently she has been going through a really rough time, and I remember the moment that I felt inspired to give my "strength" key to was so clear, and seemed like she was the perfect recipient of my first 'paying-it-forward' giving key! So.....I gave it to her, accompanied with the Scripture verse that was the reason for my strength during those rough times last year. Unbeknown to me.....'strength' is the word-of-the-moment that has been helping her get through this hard time. Something I only found out once I paid it forward! How blessed we are!!
Through giving we receive! And through Christ we have do

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