Surrendering All for Family



Last year for my birthday, my husband gave me a giving key with "SURRENDER" on it. We had been in the adoption process waiting for our daughter for over 3 years at that point and I was so excited to wear the key and be reminded of my need to daily surrender to the Lord. The wait had become so long and I was growing weary. 5 days after I received the key, my oldest son (11 years old) was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. Surrender took on a whole different meaning at this point. I had to learn to surrender this disease, my anguish, and my son's life to the Lord. Two months later, we received the most wonderful phone call EVER. We got the referral for our 5 month old baby girl in Ethiopia. We would have her in our arms by the end of the year. Or so we thought. God was asking me over and over again to loosen my grip on the control I thought I had over my life. He was asking me to freely open my hands up to Him and SURRENDER ALL. Not just the easy stuff. 8 months after that phone call, our baby girl is home with us Forever. I will daily have to choose to surrender all to my almighty God, but I have chosen to give my key to one of my most precious friends who is just now beginning her adoption journey and I pray that this key serves as a reminder to her that she must loosen her grip on things and just let God move and surrender all to Him