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The Joy Of A Roommate

I purchased the  Faith key last December when my dad was struggling with his last days on this earth because I knew that it would come in handy for a Christmas gift for someone close to me...I didn't know yet who that would be but I knew I would "just know" when the time came.
My daughter came home from her break at college and said her roommate was struggling with food & body image issues and was concerned. Having had a 20 yr history struggling with the same issues- I understood completely. My daughter said she needed to get her roommate a Christmas gift and I asked her to look up the story of The Giving Keys and gave her the key I had ordered for her to give to her roommate.
When she came home in April, I asked how her roommate was doing and she said "really good! She is in treatment and grateful that she was able to confide in her and not feel judged." I said "Do you think God made you two roommates for a reason." She said "I agree".

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