The Key Of Inspiration

The key dangling from the long beaded chain is delicate yet strong...engraved by gifted hands with the single word "Inspire." I wore it for a few weeks, enjoying the memory of selecting it from the many with the help of my sister...I love the meaning, mission and message of The Giving Keys...looking forward to the moment for the giving part to happen. Today my inspiring and lovely niece Olivia Grace finished her college finals and prepares to fly back to her Montana hometown where she will work two (maybe three, she says) summer jobs. I held the necklace in my hand and told her the story. She said she loved the gift and the way it provides a way for the homeless to have a better life...and to be a part of something so beautiful made her smile with the key of inspiration. One definition of inspire is: "to affect by divine influence" and that is the message that is being paid forward...Inspire!.