Love You Aunt Lynn

I will be sending a giving key with a custom stamp of LOVED to my Aunt Lynn. She is one of the most loving, caring and compassionate people I have ever met and one of the few people who has displayed unconditional love toward me. It is from her that I draw strength and am given a wonderfully beautiful example of how to live and the type of person and mother I would like to be. Although she knows how to give love so well I would like her realize that she is LOVED. My beautiful aunt comes from a background and has been through experiences that, I believe, has made it difficult for her to realize how much she is LOVED and how much she means to those around her. I would like her to wear this key to help her remember how much she is LOVED and cherished. She is my best friend and means so much to not only me but to most everyone she that has been fortunate to meet her or have her in their lives. I LOVE YOU AUNT LYNN!!