Create Love

I love giving gifts; I think it’s a wonderful way to show someone how well you know them. But I always become stressed about what to buy my friend Shelby. She is not only my close friend, but my Little Diamond Sister whom we met through our sorority. We share many common interests, so shopping should be simple. Guess what, it’s not. I see her as someone who is innovative, unique, highly intelligent, and insightful. Now you probably understand why I get stressed. Because she’s awesome, how do you shop for such a cool person like that?

Her 21st birthday is rapidly approaching and here I am struggling on what to send her. Shelby is the complete opposite of a basic college chick. I know I had to do something that was more than a Pinterest failed attempt of a miniature liquor bottle bouquet. I decided to send her a CREATE key bracelet. There was no question that the word create was the perfect key for Shelby. Of course she is a creative person, but I want the bracelet to remind her to create love for herself. I’ve told her this on more than one occasion that I don’t think she knows what an amazing person she is and how much joy she brings to not only my life but to others as well. It’s been ridiculously hard not seeing each other every day after I graduated and moved out of state. Phone calls and twitter mentions are always good, but just being around one another, soaking up each other’s energy is something technology can’t really replace. I have amazing friends from childhood and college that I love dearly. But Shelby is the only person who gets me 100%. She will say things that I’m currently thinking or we can share a look and know what is going on in each other’s heads. I think that is such a cool bond to share with someone. Hopefully one day she can pass this key to someone who also should create love for themselves.

Shelb if you see this, Happy Birthday! Please know what an amazing person you are.