Something to Believe In

I just finished my first year as a kindergarten teacher. While opening card after card with gift cards and hand made pictures, I opened a small box with a key that said BELIEVE. I could not think of a better gift for a teacher. My first year was not easy. There were many days where I did not think I would make it through the day. This simple word holds many truths for teachers and all people alike. As a teacher, we need to believe there is a good in every child and make them shine, we need to believe there is a solution to every problem- if there is a no solution, we find one, we must believe in the innocence of a child, as a 23 year old I believe in super heroes and my little ponies because they are important to the kids. Every one is forced to believe in something. Make it be a positive thing. Believe in a child, believe in the magic, believe that there something wonderful is going to happen every day.