It's The Small Things that Matter

I hadn't heard about this program until attending a Johnyswim concert in DC a couple of weeks ago. Impressed with the backstory, I wanted to help support and immediately bought a pendant and started wearing it. 

Around the same time a close friend living in another state started hitting some hard times. As much as I wanted to be there for him, I just couldn't. That's when I realized the true meaning of the Giving Keys. I took the one I bought, wrapped it up and sent it to him with a card telling him that even though I couldn't be there in person, that I'm there for him for afar and that this key is a reminder. I also told him that when he's in a better space to pass on that key to someone else who needs the positive vibes in his life. 

Just this morning I got a very heartfelt message telling me how much that gesture means to him. It is true -- it's the small things from the heart that matter. I'm already planning on buying a new key to soak up my love for the next person who needs to feel my strength and support.