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The Hope of Love

Although I had been single for many years I always had the hope that someday I would meet someone that would make all the years of heartache worth while and I would have a new found appreciation for what it truly means to be in love. From all of my friends I would say I was the serial dater, blind dates, online dating, etc., you name it! But for many years I never quite met someone that was either on the same page I was or that I would want to stand still with.

I placed my hope of meeting that someone that would change everything on my key and labeled it ‘Loved’ I would therefore pass it on to someone who hoped for the same thing one day, to be truly loved.

A couple of months ago, the opportunity to pass my key on to someone close to me came. I was at a place in my life where I had everything I’ve always longed for in a person and most importantly the true feeling of being loved. Cesar you are this reason. I hope with all my heart that my ‘Loved’ key brings much luck to my dear friend Cathy, if anyone deserves happiness and the promise of hope to be loved its her.

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