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My mom gave me the Giving Key with the word, “Miracle” on it. I was confused. Later, she explained that when I was born, I had a very serious medical problem. What had happened was that when I was born I came too fast, not early, but too fast. The doctor knew this but thought nothing of it. Later, as my mom was feeding me, she passed out cold….They decided to check our blood. It turned out that I had taken most of my mother’s red blood cell count. I had syrup blood and she had water thin blood. The problem was found and solved quickly. Had they not found the problem, my intestines would have failed and I would currently have an ostomy bag attatched to me. The reason the key said miracle is because children born with that, don’t live up to 18. I am now 13 years old, and healthy as can be.  Thanks Mom! I am a Miracle. <3

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