6 Friends, 6 Keys

I know I was probably only supposed to give one key to one person, but I saw that six of my friends needed them most. One was “strength”, she needed the message saying that she could do anything and everything. To have strength in herself. Two was “beauty”, she needed to look in the mirror and realize what was right in front of her. To find her own beauty. Three was “hope”, she needed to see that there was hope in her time of need. Four was “dream”, she needed to wake up from daydreams and see that reality holds something big for her in her future. Five was “love”, she needed to see that everyone around her cared for her, and that she was loved. And last, six was “memory”, she needed to realize that her nightmare of a past could not hold her back from her dreams. She needed to realize that her memories weren’t something to be ashamed of. I’ve seen how these six people have changed drastically since I gave them their keys. I know that I made a huge impact on them, and know for sure, that they will pay the message forward.