Strength to a Struggling Friend

My dear friend Tiffany has been through many hard struggles in life, including molestation, close friends committing suicide, and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, a very painful disease. Because of her painful condition she has struggled with a dependence on pain medication, along with depression and anxiety that have affected her for years. Her body is resistant to drugs prescribed to her for her mental illnesses. This caused her to be suicidal and have a long bout of trips in and out of the mental hospital. Despite all these challenges, she has always a very intelligent, loving, and empathetic human being and a great friend.

When I bought my Giving Key, I was looking for the strength I knew I had within to overcome my own challenges. I had “strength” etched on the key, and wearing it helped to remind me that I had the “key” to strength, the power already there inside of me. I already knew I would give the key to Tiffany when I ordered it, and I recently passed it onto her, which I hope will help her remember something she needed to be reminded of but already has… strength. She wouldn’t have survived this far without it.