Keep on Fighting

I bought a ‘strength’ key after seeing the story of Cera & Rob on television. I thought what a wonderful way of giving and paying it forward. I wore it for about a month and got many quizzical looks. I hoped that telling the story inspired others to give as well.
I had not had any immediate intentions of giving the key up any time soon; I thought it was a cool way to express what I wanted for me; until I visited a coworker battling cancer.
This woman is remarkable and so much stronger than I will ever be. After undergoing surgery a couple of months back and progressing well, she just found out that more tumors were found. Although no one knows the future, she has prepared herself for the best, worst and in-between. She speaks with conviction and grace. She is amazing and inspirational; only she will say she is a fighter.
I am so proud to pass this along to her and hope that when she wears & reads the word it gives her a little of what she needs to keep fighting.