Just a Little Courage

After receiving the link for thegivingkeys.com, I started reading the stories. My eyes were literally glued to the website for 2 hours as I went through and read what an amazing idea it really and truly is. The whole time I could not help but think of my boyfriends mom. She was in her early 40′s when she had her first stroke. Followed by 2 more only a couple years later. It has left her family devastated at the loss of the person their mom once was- an unimaginable experience for 2 teenagers, but has forced them to all come together as a family to ensure that she is cared for in all the proper ways. It is SO inspiring to see a family so devoted, and to never lose their patience.

I decided to get her a COURAGE key because through all the the hard times she has been through in the past 10 years, she has never given up. She still remains in high spirits constantly and laughs more than most people I know. I really wanted her to have a courage key so that it would remind her to continue to be strong and courageous and to never lose the amazing attributes she has no matter what the future holds.

The giving keys inspires me and I am so glad I could support this amazing cause. You are all angels!

-Katelynn Lewis
Alberta, Canada