Two Wonderful Girls

After purchasing a key necklace for myself (for which I have not yet found its future owner), I picked up ones with important messages for my two stepdaughters. The first is a senior in high school, a wonderful, hard-working and caring person who is accomplished more in her almost-18 years than most senior citizens I know. She is a straight-A student who has never received a B or lower; volunteers many hundreds of hours a year to a variety of causes she believes in; creates art and photography that has been featured in museums, galleries and won her a national Scholastic gold medal; and is sweet, caring and self-effacing. However, she still does not realize how well she is doing. When she received her first (of what I am sure are many) college acceptances recently, she cried, telling me she was so relieved that any college accepted her. She works feverishly at everything, worrying her efforts will not be good enough. I am giving her a key with the word CONF(I)DENC(E) because she needs to have more of that one trait. She needs to know she is wonderful as she is, and that all her hard work will pay off. I hope the key will help her remember that.
My other stepdaughter is an incredible dancer who wants to devote her life to that field, although she is aware of how harsh and difficult a field it can be. She has the grace and the talent to succeed, always looking beautiful and poised on stage in disciplines including ballet, tap, jazz, modern, and lyrical. She also has the creativity to choreograph dances and lead other dancers in interpreting the choreography of her instructors. She also has the determination to overcome obstacles. However, she has a palpable fear of failure that makes auditions very daunting for her. It can make her feel sick and can make her task of trying for programs or parts much more difficult than it needs to be for someone with her ability and talent. I bought her a NO FEAR key so that she can release some of her fear of failing and concentrate on what she is meant to do, succeed!