The Sky's the Limit

I purchased this key for my beautiful daughter Callan. I chose strength not because she needs it . .but to remind her how strong she is. For the last year her life has been full of changes. Some of those changes have been very difficult for her. Oh she shed a few tears, had a few melt downs but she kept moving forward. I believe she has learned a lot about herself. She has moved to a new town that is 3 hours from her home. Anyone that knows Callan knows how much she loves and clings to her family. She had the opportunity to move back closer to home and continue her career path. . which would have been much easier. . however she chose to embrace this new town, new career path and has a plan to make new friends. I am thrilled to see this self confident, self assured daughter emerging that I knew when she was wrapped up in her Moberly cocoon. She even put together her own shelving unit and changed her dead bolt lock when it wouldn’t work. I hope she realizes the sky is the limit for her. . she is the total package, brains, beauty, and strength! I couldn’t be more proud! Love you! When you feel like you have all of your wings back and are ready to fly. . I hope you share this key with someone who may need a little strength!