Believe in Yourself

This year for Christmas I’m giving my older sister “Believe.” This word carries several meanings for the both of us. First, we’re both very passionate about Penn State’s Dance Marathon. We both danced for 48 hrs straight to raise money for children with cancer. One of THON’s key words is “believe.” Secondly, my sister has always had an amazing imagination. When we were little, she created some of the most amazing and elaborate games for us to play. Our imaginations and her power to get me to Believe anything got us through some pretty tough times. Finally, as we get older I want to remind her to Believe in herself. In her abilities within business and within her family. I Believe she will have many new opportunities to show her creativity in her work. I also Believe she has the love and strength needed to watch her family grow. I Believe in her. xoxo Shamrock