Courage and How I Gave Mine Away

I gave away my key yesterday and it was not as hard as I thought it would be. When I received my key back in November on a hospital gurney I didn’t think I’d ever be able to part with it. The word COURAGE burned a hole through my skin to my heart and I thought I’d keep it forever but then that’s not why this AMAZING, INCREDIBLE project was started. You see my key wasn’t a gift bought for me by a friend. My key was my friend’s key. She had purchased it for herself and I’m pretty sure she was not planning on giving it away so soon but then there I was with no ounce of fight left in me and she realized what she had to do.
This Sunday that moment happened for me when I realized I had found the person in my life who not only needed it more than me but deserved it more. And so it was my honor to hand it over with the express promise that when she’s ready she pass it forward to someone who needs it. I realized something else yesterday when I gave it away. I’m still standing, I’m still here, that key that helped literally save my life was not mine to keep, it was only mine while I needed it and then I was to pass it on. If I need it again I have faith it will find me but I will not lose my courage without it.