Strength, Love and Believe

When I heard about this I NEEDED to get one for me and my best friends! So I did! 

Strength- I got a key with the word strength. My life has been hard ever since I could remember. but since 2009, it seemed like things has been just getting worst and worst. it went from my dad getting sick, him moving to Brazil, my mom and me moving into a room, us having no money, me getting diagonsed with JME, me going through depression, moving into a crappy apterment, and my mom getting sick. To then now again moving back into a room and things going bad again. But througth all that, I learned that you have to be strong NO MATTER whats happens. Life is unexpected and you have to make the best of what you have.

Love- My best friend, Ga, has been througth the same amount of crap in her life like me. Her dad left her and her mom, her mom and her always moving around, them having no money, abusive mom, unstable relationship with boyfriend, insurce about herself, her cutting herself, taking pills,her going througth a depresion and not knowing how to deal with that. That one point, she went througth a heavy depression and felt unloved. B and me had to show how much we love and care about her. She is battleing througthso much and I gave her this to show her that she will always have love from m, no matter what happens! <3

Believe- My other best friend B seems to have a happy life. She has a mom and dad that loves SO much, she lived in the same house since she was born, she gets everything she wants, andd all that. But her life is not perfect. Her dad is really sick. Her dad had a stroke and lost sight from one eye and feeling from one arm.Now he has diabetes. Her mom and her dad always are yelling and fighting that each other. But she always believes that things will get better no matter what. Also she is trying to became an actress and I wanted to give her this so she will ALWAYS believe in her
dreams and NEVER give up.

I gave them the keys and they loved. Now we all wear our keys togther. This key had helped me and my two closet people in life. This is the best thing for you or something you know that need a little something. <3

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